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Top Wedding Trends You Should Look Out for in 2024

The day you tie the knot will be a once in a life time moment so there's no surprise that you'll be keen to make it unforgettable. Yet, with so many tips, tricks and trends out there how are you supposed to know which to follow? Well, look no further; to ring in the new year I'm giving you my predictions for the wedding industry trends you'll want to be a part of in 2024.

The year ahead will be all about unconventional weddings with personalised touches. 2024's nuptials will be focused on the couples themselves. Featuring unique venues that have a significance to the Brides & Grooms, Catering focussed solely on capturing the couples taste buds and alternative gowns that reflect our brides personalities to a tee.

And let's not forget all of the unique special touches that will remind guests of who and what they're celebrating, such as cocktail napkins featuring fun facts about the new Mr & Mrs, signature cocktails or table names that act as a nod to the happy pairs four legged companions.

Okay, time to break it all down for you...


Your venue and the choices you make surrounding it (decoration, colour palettes etc) will inevitably set the tone for your wedding day and as result will create the atmosphere for your special day. Over the past few years there have been an increased popularity for unconventional spaces such as barns, vast industrial buildings, yurts and so on. These type of venues provide a blank canvas making it so much easier for couples to transform their venue into a reflection of themselves.

During the aftermath of the Covid-19 outbreak couples unfortunately had no choice but to say their I Dos in the open air of the great outdoors. Whilst this is no longer a requirement so many are still choosing to embrace nature on their big day making vineyards, gardens and farm weddings evermore popular.

Hand in hand with these unique venues comes creative decorations. Hanging installations such as Eucalyptus hoops, whimsical lanterns and disco balls adorned with bright florals have gained attraction in the last few months and will lead the way into 2024 for many venues stylists across the UK.


So we know that the dress is a huge part of the day - the importance of this one item of clothing will not be going away in 2024 but it will certainly continue to modernise.

As I mentioned earlier, this is going to be all about personalisation. Your wedding outfit choice should be as bespoke as your love story. This means we're likely to see an increase in custom gowns, tailored suits and unique accessories that compliment the couples personalities.

For our Boho Bride's this could mean a bridal seperate is more you, a two piece look means you can tailor your outfit to suite different elements of the day. Whereas, if you are a city bride, you may prefer a tailored white suit or a corseted mini dress to make that all important statement.

One things for sure, the word "Timeless" will be ever popular when describing the gowns of 2024. Dresses will feature clean lines and figure hugging silhouettes creating a contemporary look. These may be accessorised with a veil but these will become in shorter in 2024 as our brides look to the catwalk for inspiration. Bridal designers are updating traditions by adding detachable embellished sleeves, removal trains and fun, flirty, practical veils that embrace a Brides fun side.

Bows are also likely to be featured within a 2024 Brides look book - these can be used create a focal point at the back of the gown or even as a hair piece but they won't stop there; bows are likely to be a common element of decoration for the minimalist Bride throughout their big day. So if that's sounds like you, I'd be sure to jump on this trend.

I can also safely say that we're likely to see some Bride's adorned with colour in the year ahead as our Brides continue to embrace their unique personalities for their big day. I am looking forward to seeing a peep of a colourful shoe from beneath the gown or a bright hair piece. Some Brides may even opt to move against the tradition of a white dress altogether and to that I say Go for it Girl!



By now most have caught onto the fact that one of the main things guest will remember from a wedding is the food.

In the last few years sharing menus have become increasingly popular as a more relaxed alternative to the traditional sit down three course menu. They allow guests to enjoy a number of dishes. Sharing platters, antipasti or family style meals also help to break any initial ice if guests are sat together and this is their first time meeting.

Similarly, grazing tables have taken on social media like a storm. As a modern twist on the traditional buffet, when done well these elaborate spreads can look incredible (be sure to check out Pinterest for some inspo!). These spreads often includes a mix of sweet and savoury delights and are adorned in colour (side note - Grazing tables are also a hit for Hen Parties).

Whilst a cake cutting moment is still a wedding day staple, often couples are left with a huge amount of cake to take home with them the following day. No matter how the cake is arranged to be served during the evening it just seems to get missed amongst the fun of the celebrations.

In 2023 more couples seemed to opt for dessert stations. A table with multiple single tier cakes of different flavours, boards stacked with brownies and doughnuts and perhaps the happy couples favourite sweet treats. Dessert bars are a great way for you to add personality to the day and are way more approachable for guests with a sweet tooth! I can definitely see these becoming a staple to 2024 weddings.

Continuing with the trend of unconventional weddings, 2024 will see couples continue to create signature cocktails for their special days based on their own favourite tipples. To add a modern flare and a touch of fun we're also likely to see shots instead of champagne toasts during the speeches.


Wedding photography and videography provide a keepsake for the special day and as result, finding suppliers that match the couples personalities has always been a crucial part of the planning process. Whilst the different styles of photography and videography continue to evolve, one thing that's for sure is that candid photography and documentary-style videography is here to stay.

As the couples desires to take in every moment of the day increases, the idea of staying poised whilst the photographer works through a number of shots has become less appealing. Candid photography captures heartfelt moments of the day and displays the spontaneous magical moments that happen creating the couples own special wedding story to relive in years to come.

Personally, I can also see film photography becoming a huge hit this year. This style is able to add a touch of nostalgia to the day so that when you look back through your album, the results are raw, wholesome and honest; It really does feel like looking back in time.

With social media continuing to thrive, wedding content creation has found life. Content creators have played a crucial part in resent celebrity weddings such as Jamie Laing & Sophie Habboo in 2023. Whilst wedding photography is a great way to relive your wedding it often doesn't arrive with you until a few months after the big day.

For those 2024 couples that simply can't wait, you may want to look into booking a wedding content creator. My own content creation package (oh Snap!), allows me to be your behind the scenes bestie on your big day. Armed with an iPhone I’ll work alongside your photographer and videographer on the day catching fun and candid behind the scenes content, both photos and videos, capturing 6 hours worth of memories. You’ll wake up the following day to a gallery of unedited photos and videos from the day, two edited reels plus a 10 second highlights reel so that you can share special moments from your day straight away. 


Much like the food and drinks, entertainment can also be a very memorable part of the day for your guests and has the potential for it to be all they talk about for weeks to come if you get it right.

Surprise musicians are becoming a hit (think that scene in Love Actually) and live saxophonists and immersive experiences are adding a new dynamic to the traditional wedding day. Live music allows guests to interact with the band as the tend to be very good at getting the crowd going.

2024 will also see more interactive entertainment taking the lead when it comes to memorable moments; photo booths, audio guest books, live painters are just a few examples of these and provide endless fun for your guests.


your wedding stationary will provide guests with the first glimpse of what to expect of the big day. With this in mind, it's no surprise that couples have began to invest in unique invitation suites and matching wedding day stationary to provide a lasting impression.

One trend that I've picked on in this area is the use of custom illustrations.

Again, these are a great way to add a touch of your personality and will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Capturing a hint of what's to come with a water colour painted or hand drawn image of your venue on the invitation not only provides a beautiful keepsake for your guests after the big day but also gives a glimpse of what's to come.

Okay so that's my round up of Wedding trends for 2024 but why should you use them?

There are a number of reasons! Keeping up with some of these trends will add a fresh approach to your wedding day and will help to ensure a memorable experience for your guests. These trends are there to provide guidance during the planning stages but will helps to ensure your wedding day stands out.

There are so many options available nowadays that planning a wedding can become a little bit overwhelming so i'd recommend using these trends as a guide as you navigate all of your options but remember, showcasing your personality and style is also a current trend so most importantly make sure it's all about you!



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