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Updated: Oct 30, 2023


For my first blog post I thought I should lay things straight out on the table so that you can decide if we’re going to be the perfect match.

Disclaimer - if you’ve found me and you’re reading this then you probably are!

I’m going to dive right in and let you know what wedding styles I love, the types of couples I seem to hit it off with as a planner as well as the budgets I’m used to working with.


So why me?

I like to think my packages are unique and built with you in mind. Most people are new to the wedding world when they get engaged and I personally feel some planners and suppliers often forget this.

I like to take things back to the basics and make my couples feel comfortable and like they’re in control of their day but with me cheering them on and offering support from the sidelines.

I’ve built my packages in the hope that there is something for everyone but if a couple don’t quite think they fit one particular mould I’m super keen to discuss a more bespoke service. There are options for everyone so we are bound to connect straight away no matter what you are looking for.

My creativity comes alive when I’m working with couples that I’m able to click with. I have two strong styles (and perhaps two personalities!). The first being modern, eclectic, vibrant and most importantly fun. The second is more timeless, classic, sophisticated and meaningful.

So without further ado, let me give you a little Idea on the sort of couples I LOVE working with:

  • A couple that are ready to jump in and 100% trust me with the process

this is key to us becoming besties - I like to think we’ll all be doing trust falls by the end of things!

  • Couples that want my ideas on styling

I love inspiring new ideas and letting my creative juices flow. The more we are able to bounce off ideas, the more confident I am that we’ll create an amazing day together.

  • Couples that are focused on creating a good time for everyone

Basically food, drinks, music, happy faces and good vibes need to be important to you.

  • Couples with an Overall wedding budget of 40k+

To me this is a strong enough budget to create a wedding with real flair. But fear not! If your budget does not match this I still want to work with you; you may just be looking at one of my more tailored packages.

  • Couples who live by the mantra, “everything happens for a reason”

Wedding planning is a journey and I know the end destination will be magical no matter what - I want you to believe this too!

  • Couples that have a Sean Paul or Beyonce hit on their “must play” playlist for the evening reception

I like to think I don’t have to explain this one!

And there you have it - hopefully a fun read and an insight to how I tick. Don’t forget, when looking for your wedding planner there is a perfect match for everyone!

Happy planning!



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