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Updated: Jan 1

First dance

Photo Credit - Marta May Photography

Okay, I totally get it, having all eyes on you whilst you're expected to perform a first dance despite not being a Strictly glitter ball winner can be incredibly daunting. However, it's not a formality that should be cut from the day without some consideration. After all, these moments are an opportunity to reset with your partner following a busy day and to ground yourselves in the moment. They're also another perfect photo op!

Having witnessed my fair share of awkward dance floor sways and also some incredibly unexpected choreographed moments over the last five years I feel I have some great tips on how you can make your first dance memorable for all the right reasons.

Tip #1 - Decide if you actually want to do a first dance!

Like I said, I personally think a dance with your partner isn't something that you should forgo at fear of an audience. But if it's really not up your street just don't do it! The great news is, we're in 2023, and you can celebrate your love however you choose - that means scrapping any traditions that don't resonate with you and making your day all about YOU. That being said, before you scrap it completely perhaps consider a private first dance; some time spent together, catching up on the events of the day and toe tapping to your favourite song before your evening reception officially starts?

Or, if your keen to get the party started, maybe a last dance is a little more you? After your guests have left the reception and before vendors begin to de-rig why not play that special song over the speakers and absorb every second of the last 5 minutes of the day.

Tip #2 - Pick a song that means something

So now that you've decided you're going to have a first (or last) dance it's time pick a song; not the easiest of tasks when there are over 80 million choices on Spotify alone. Try not to get overwhelmed by the options and just remember, no mater what music you like, and whatever track you decide on, it should reflect you and your relationship.

This doesn't mean the words have to mean something. It could be a song that you both associate with a happy memory, or perhaps its a backing track from your favourite film, it could also be a song that you just stumble across that you will make many new memories to.

Tip #3 - Get others involved

If you can't cope with the spotlight being on you for any longer then your best move could be coordinating your wedding party to get involved as a special touch. You could also simply wave others in when you're ready.

Tip #4 - Create a signature move

This doesn't have to be complicated! Take note of how you move around the house and how you interact with each other daily. Find a move that feels natural that has the potential to be your "show stopper" moment and roll with it. It could be something incredibly simple so long as you look like you're having fun whilst doing it that's all that matters.

Tip #5 - Practice

Now I'm not saying practise makes perfect but it does make for a bit of fun in the evenings. Create a dance that you are both comfortable with so that you can enjoy the moment. You don't need to go for gold; just remember, everyone is there celebrate YOU. As long as you are enjoying it they will be too.

When it doubt, everyone loves a good spin!

Last but certainly not least...have fun!

Happiness is contagious and you'll create fun for your guests if you're enjoying yourselves too. How many times have you lost yourself to the music or the moment?

If you and your partner are donning a wide smile and laughing together during your dance your guests will remember the energy you are radiating more than the moves your are making!

Happy Dancing!




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