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Along Came Polly: 10 things to know about me!

As it's a new year I thought it was time I introduce myself properly. Personally, I think when your choosing a wedding planner its so important that you are able to connect with them - after all you will be spending quite a bit of time together in the exciting months leading up to the big day!

So without further ado, I'm Polly, owner of Along Came Polly Wedding & Events Planning and here are 10 things to know about me.

  1. I come from a BIG family with loved ones here, there and everywhere, from South Devon (where I was born) to South Wales (where I grew up) to Bali and America. Despite there being so many of us we love a chance to get together which I think is why I love weddings and special occasions. There is something amazing about having everyone you love in one room.

  2. I have a Joint Honours degree in History & American Studies. Although I've always wanted to work in the wedding industry I loved history at school so decided to move far away from home to York where I attended York St John University.

  3. Although York will always be one of my favourite places I've since found home at the edge of the Cotswolds, in the gorgeous little town of Stonehouse. I live alone with a very chatty cat for company named Marbles (although I like to call her miss Marbs).

  4. I love to bake but hate eating the results (I find I get enough of a sugar kick from licking the bowl) but I am told the results are good!

  5. I don't drink tea or coffee - Something my nearest and dearest just can't seem to get their heads around. As much as I love the idea of dunking a biscuit in a cup of tea I just don't seem to enjoy it, which is weird as my mum and sister heavily rely on a cup of tea to function.

  6. I have an obscure taste in music - basically if it's only been released in the last five years I probably won't like it yet. my playlists range from Abba to Kanye and Sean Paul to Fleetwood Mac - there really is no consistency!

  7. My weekends are often spent catching up with friends and family. I mentioned I was close to my family before but I also have a very close knit group of friends - I love to spend any down time I have surrounded by a good bunch of people whether that's on group weekends away with friends, lunch dates with my family or a bottomless brunch with the girls.

  8. I LOVE Christmas - Despite being a full grown adult part of me does still believe in the magic of Christmas. Growing up my parents put in a huge amount of effort to make the whole season magical and this hasn't stopped. To me there is something special about cosy evenings on the sofa watching Christmas films, doing a festive puzzle and not having to be anywhere. I love taking the time to choose a gift for someone and getting crafty with the wrapping with an eggnog in hand. Plus calories don't count in December so what's not to love!

  9. I live to host - something I've probably inherited from my mum. I enjoy giving the house a deep clean before having friends over, lighting the candles and making an occasion out of everything! Life is too short not to romanticise it.

  10. I'm a queen when it comes to organisation. Of course this is a skill that lends itself to my career choice but I just love to have plans. Having everything organised on a spreadsheet or in a pretty diary is just the cherry on top!

So there you have it - 10 things about me that will hopefully help you get a little bit more of an idea of who I am.

I can't wait to get to know so many more Brides and Grooms this year and am looking forward to hopefully making more friends whilst on the journey.

Polly xx

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